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We are now in the Liberation Gateway – Global Freedom Meditation!

StarSeeds it is time! Time to Strap in and Ride the waves of Freedom and Liberation! We are being called to usher in the codes of Light for all of Humanity and all beings of Light upon mother Earth. All Beings who choose the Light are being given the choice.
As StarSeeds this has been our Mission, to hold Steady to Hold the Light, to share the frequencies and Codes of Light for all Beings.
This is the ascension Timeline and we have collectively moved from 3D to lower 4D but we have much movement yet to come. We are holding the vision of our beautiful 5D/6D Diamond Light Crystalline New Earth Temp-late and providing the energetic linkage for all being to grasp a hold of and ride the waves!
With this Transmission we are being given the codes of the Liberation Gateway, to jump into the stream of Light and flow into the next evolution.
These Truely are MOMENTOUS Times!

Love/Light Light/Love

Lorrayne Ham

Music by Steven Halpern – Egyptian Blue Moon
Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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