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We are ALL ONE We are NOT Alone!

As StarSeeds we can be affected by the raging energies all around us and it can sometimes seem a momentous task to HOLD Steady and remain in our Center. It is an important part of our self-care to remember that we, as StarSeeds, are connected to a greater whole, The StarSeed/LightWorker Grid!
It is easy to forget that what we are witnessing is an illusory world, that ALL of what see experience with our 5 senses is Not our Truth, no matter how Real if seems. In these times of Great and Wonderful change, connecting together in energy reminds us we are Never Alone and that we truly are ALL ONE…. Join me in re-connecting or reaffirming our connections in Love, Joy and Unity.

Love/Light Light/Love

Lorrayne Ham
Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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