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Urgent Message for All StarSeeds, LightWorkers and those that are Awake! Now is the time to Release!

We are now being exponentially thrust up in frequency and as we are we cannot take with us our old way of being, our old beliefs and our old personality constructs…
We must let the old self fall away and be released so that our fifth dimensional self can come into being.
We are all experiencing the old trauma, dis-ease, pain of not only our lifetimes of experience but many of us made an agreement to assist in the clearing of the collective. That time is past…! It is now time to move ourselves further and further into the 5D frequencies of Joy, Love, Harmony, Peace…. the Light of the 5D is awaiting our emergence!
When dis-ease does arise…let it filter through and be released… do not fear… it will move off and away.
Tools to assist these processes:
Pyramid energy (I got mine from etsy)
Tuning forks
Soma Eergetics – I would start with the OM fork or the Angel forks –
this is an affilitate link
Tibetan singing bowls
Essential oils
Crystal essences
Being in nature
If you need assistance i am here to assist….
much Love/Light Light/Love


music by Meditative Mind YouTube channel
Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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