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Just this past week I was watching the Science Channel on TV and found a really fascinating show on “Time”. They were discussing the idea of aging or the genetic coding that determines if a cell will age and die. Well, they found out that the human body has NO gene that tells it to age and die, none. Do you know what that means? WE DO NOT NEED TO AGE! I have had this belief for a long time but now there is concrete hard science that proves it.

So, what does this really mean? According to this show, what ages us is the free radical damage done to our cells. What causes free radical damage you ask? Here is a link to a great site that tells you all of the science of the free radical. Suffice it to say, free radicals are not good. What they do on the cellular level is to shoot holes in our DNA strands. A damaged DNA strand will reproduce its damaged information and before you know it all there is, is damaged information left. The perfect healthy young cell no longer has the coding to produce it’s self in it’s perfect state.

What this means is that we have what is needed to help our bodies to not age. It is so perfect in its simplicity eat better food, drink better water, and breathe better air.

I can hear you all saying “wait a minute, how can we do that in the environment we live in?” I agree, sounds simple. However, with a little planning and persistence I think we can come closer to supporting our bodies and keeping our DNA healthy and safe.

There are a number of antioxidant rich foods that if purchased from organic farms and supplemented with really good vitamins can move you closer to health. It is a matter of educating yourself on what is in the foods you eat, the water you drink and the air you breath. I am a big proponent of eating as organic as possible. I mean move you there a little at a time and every day move one step closer to 100% organic. I also take really good whole food supplements that have been dried at temperatures below 100 degrees so are still considered RAW. I drink clean filtered water. I filter ALL of the water coming into my home so that I do not bath in chlorine every day. I have air filters that filter the air inside my home and office. I do what I can right now knowing that I will continue to move towards a better healthier lifestyle. I work at not using any white sugar or corn sweeteners. It is about taking steps to your goal not trying to accomplish it all over night.

Be good to yourself and Longevity will be your reward. The body is our temple and we just need to remember that it carries us along on our journey, this journey of our lifeTIME!

The Longevity Goddess

Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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