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The Magical StarSeed Path – The Great LOVE Experiment – EFT Tapping

Join me for this Powerful Experiment of Love,

I invite you to dive into Love and join me for the next 3 days, 72 hours, as we express LOVE in ALL things!

If we can Love and remember that we are Love then we can and will Change the World!

It is an experiment so if you find yourself defaulting to an unloving thought just forgive and move on, remember you are Love and get right back on the horse!
If we can, in our own lives, remember Love in every moment , we can transform the entire world.

We are, each and every one of us, connected to everything. Our energy flows to every particle and wave of this entire universe. So by Loving in our own lives, we are transmitting that Love to every other particle and wave in the entire known universe, and in truth, to every dimension too!

If we can keep this going beyond the 3 days and right up until the winter Solstice, Gateway to the Aquarian age on Dec. 21, 2020, imagine what the world could be!

As StarSeeds we are magical beings of Love and Light, our path is not always easy but…. it is always interesting!

We are all in this together and You are Not Alone!
Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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