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I have been pondering the idea of time lately, it is ever moving and yet there are moments where it seems to stand still.  Why is it that when you are younger it never seems to move fast enough and when you get older it never seems to slow down?  These are the things I find myself pondering in the recesses of my mind.

I was thinking this morning about the “Lazy Days of Summer”  you know, those days where time slows down and we all get to relax, sit back and enjoy life…. STOP EVERYTHING….what happened to those days?  I really want to know.

I think what might have happen to those wonderful times, is that we forgot to relax, just sit back and watch as life ticked by.  When did we get so wrapped up in being busy, going here and there, getting this and that?  As I was pondering what happened to those wonderful times it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe I could bring them back into my life.

So, how do we unplug?  How do we stop the constant thrust forward and just breathe?  B-R-E-A-T-H-E!  I have decided to experiment with this and allow that warmth of the sun to seep into my pores and feel what it is like to stop and relax, enjoy and experience the moments as time just moves by.

I am not sure how I got to the point of the ever moving, doing, accomplishing, task oriented, do…do..doing of life….Argh!  How did we all get there?  I think we have forgotten how important it is to enjoy our lives, the wonderful moments  where nothing of any real significance is happening but that moment is the most important thing ever!  If we can just sit with ourselves and BE.  No TV, Radio, Computer, Car or Job….just that delicious moment…and the next …and the next moment.

I think maybe we have become addicted to the speed, the rush, the ever moving, changing excitement.  I’ll bet that if you allowed yourself the moment to experiencve how each feel, the rush and the peace, you would at first want the is familiar,  comfortably uncomfortable. But, if you can allow yourself the experience of the peaceful moment, allow yourself the time to let it seep into your very soul, you would not want to let it go.  there is a profound rest in those moments that I long to return to.

I invite you to give yourself the gift of the moment, allow yourself to experience the magic!

Moment by moment,     Lorayne

I have been thinking lately that there are a lot of us that for some reason or other, hold back, relinquish our power and literally hand it over to others.

Now I do not mean that we consciously say “Hey, take my power, make me feel small and insignificant” I mean that out of our beliefs that we have about ourselves and our right to choose, we hold back, make no choice (which by the not doing, is a choice), sit and let others tell us what we should or should not do.

When is it enough?  When things come to the for-front of your mind, that is the time.  That is when you have the ability to choose. To no longer be controlled by the unseen voices that say “you are not good enough, who do you think you are, what right do you have” YOU have every right.  This is your life, not another single person on this planet of 6 billion people is uniquely you.  YOU are the only one that has your gifts, talents or viewpoint that maybe, just maybe is exactly what the planet needs right now.

When you have the conscious awareness that “this is not who I am” That is your que to really stop and take stock of how you are living your life.

So, I ask you, when is it your time to show up in your life and play your game?  When is it your time to grow up and be all that your heart wants you to be? When will you put you first and make time for YOU to discover YOU in a whole new way?  When will you create the life You were always meant to LIVE?

Check out my courses and workshops that facilitate you discovering YOU!

Many of us focus on the end results of our life and not on what is happening right now in this moment,  I wondered what it was that kept us focusing on the future with little or no thought or focus on today.  Really, you do not know what the future holds for you and even if you did you would have no control over it anyway.  The only thing you have control over is you in this moment, so why waste the opportunity?  Being a control freak myself, I like to have control or at least the illusion of control, so if I know that right now in this moment I can truly have control over my life, then I say let me at it!  I have control over what I think, what I say, how I feel and what I do about it, What Power, I am giddy with it.  Right now in this moment I choose to live my life to the fullest and really enjoy the control I do have and give up that illusion of control over anything else in my life.  In fact, I no longer want to have control over those things I really never had control over, way too much work.  I choose to enjoy the freedom that comes with letting go.  I choose to live my life to the fullest, in this moment.  I wish you the same!

Today as I was working, I received a call from an dear friend of the family.  She was a close friend to my grandmother.  Hearing her voice and the sadness that still lingers there for the loss of my grandmother (it has been 3 years) but for this lovely women it as if it were yesterday, I realized that for her time has stopped.  It made me think about how precious our time is with people we love and know.  How our time here in this lifetime really is just a flash in the cosmic time.  I want to make change, make a difference, to effect global reawakening, and yet…..Am I really taking the moments with people that I meet on the street, at my door, in my daily life, in my business or even my close personal friends and family, am I taking the time I need to get to know who they are, what makes them live in the reality they do?  Am I taking the time to discover the precious moments the precious gifts that they have to offer me and am I offering them my gifts.  Am I helping to raise them up to the light?

All of these precious moments are the little joys that truly give our life meaning.

Find some joy today!

Light it up!

Are you thinking your thoughts or Are your thoughts thinking you?  A question you may want to be asking yourself any time that little pesky voice rears up and starts telling the truth, as it sees it, not the Truth you know.

Taking stock of your thoughts is a good way to know what is going on in your life; are you thinking..I do not have enough time,  I am always late, I am too fat,  too thin, too.. too…too!  Here is a good one, I do not know what I want or I am so stupid!  Listen to the words you say (or the voice says) to yourself.  They are very telling.

Are you fed up with giving your attention to the little voice?  Are you ready to take back control of your thoughts and take back control of your life?

Be the MASTER of your own Universe, start with your thoughts.

Have a positivity day.

This time of year my mind always wonders to those wonderful family times, to sharing good food and feeling safe and loved.  Looking back on those memories and how simple life seemed I find myself longing for that feeling again.  That innocence of times long ago………. OK so that was nice but I live NOW, here in this time and I want to make this time FEEL as wonderful as that felt them without trying to live in the past.
That is the challenge to bring the feelings forward to the NOW time without getting lost in the THEN time.  Recently I decided to see what it was like to live in the moment.  I have heard it my whole life but it never seemed possible or real. After all we live in a world that expects us to be certain places at certain times and if we aren’t people get mad.  WE are expected at any given moment to remember any number of facts to the point that we are filling our minds with all sorts of pasts and futures all at once and how do we STOP and live in this moment?

I am here to tell you it is possible!  I did not say it was easy but it is possible.
I did have to adjust my idea about it was slightly to function in the 21st century but here it is…….

Keep a really good schedule!!  I mean it; living in the now requires organization. No jumping in and saying “I am just going to live in the NOW right now and forever” Won’t work!  Buddha lived in simpler times and the amount of information that he needed to keep in his brain was just a fraction of the information we keep in our brains.  Times were different then.  So, keep yourself organized!

I decided one day that I was tired of living everywhere but where I was and I did just stop and decide to live in the moment.  I found that it had its down side. After all when you have your own business and you tell a client, in the moment, “Sure I will email that to you as soon as we are done” well when you are done, that moment has passed and you have forgotten all about emailing anything.  You are blissfully living in the moment and out of left field your client calls and says “Hey, YOU SAID……….” People just do not understand that you are living in the moment and the moment passes and it just did not get done!
So here is what I did, I got a very detailed schedule and a large stack of sticky notes!  Sticky notes are the best invention for the “moment livers” of the world.  We can be in the moment and write ourselves a note and forget about it until the scheduled time of note reading, Brilliant!!!  I have a very detailed schedule and I write in my appointments and note reading times each day and after I do I forget about them until the time that they arrive.  Well, that is not entirely honest, I look at my schedule just before I go to bed at night so I know if I have to get up early and moving or not.  I have missed appointments.

So with a little planning and accurate scheduling and very good note taking, YOU TOO, can be one of the lucky few who have mastered the art of LIVING IN THE MOMENT!

Just this past week I was watching the Science Channel on TV and found a really fascinating show on “Time”. They were discussing the idea of aging or the genetic coding that determines if a cell will age and die. Well, they found out that the human body has NO gene that tells it to age and die, none. Do you know what that means? WE DO NOT NEED TO AGE! I have had this belief for a long time but now there is concrete hard science that proves it.

So, what does this really mean? According to this show, what ages us is the free radical damage done to our cells. What causes free radical damage you ask? Here is a link to a great site that tells you all of the science of the free radical. Suffice it to say, free radicals are not good. What they do on the cellular level is to shoot holes in our DNA strands. A damaged DNA strand will reproduce its damaged information and before you know it all there is, is damaged information left. The perfect healthy young cell no longer has the coding to produce it’s self in it’s perfect state.

What this means is that we have what is needed to help our bodies to not age. It is so perfect in its simplicity eat better food, drink better water, and breathe better air.

I can hear you all saying “wait a minute, how can we do that in the environment we live in?” I agree, sounds simple. However, with a little planning and persistence I think we can come closer to supporting our bodies and keeping our DNA healthy and safe.

There are a number of antioxidant rich foods that if purchased from organic farms and supplemented with really good vitamins can move you closer to health. It is a matter of educating yourself on what is in the foods you eat, the water you drink and the air you breath. I am a big proponent of eating as organic as possible. I mean move you there a little at a time and every day move one step closer to 100% organic. I also take really good whole food supplements that have been dried at temperatures below 100 degrees so are still considered RAW. I drink clean filtered water. I filter ALL of the water coming into my home so that I do not bath in chlorine every day. I have air filters that filter the air inside my home and office. I do what I can right now knowing that I will continue to move towards a better healthier lifestyle. I work at not using any white sugar or corn sweeteners. It is about taking steps to your goal not trying to accomplish it all over night.

Be good to yourself and Longevity will be your reward. The body is our temple and we just need to remember that it carries us along on our journey, this journey of our lifeTIME!

The Longevity Goddess

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