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We’ve all heard it, are you living or dying?  It is pretty simple if you think about it once we are born we grow up and we reach about 18 years of age and then something remarkable happens… instead of growing  we begin to start to expire.  We may not feel it right away but slowly over time we start to show signs of aging and wear on our physical bodies and most especially emotionally and spiritually.  We become shut down and over time our dreams start to age, our enthusiasm, our Joy, our passion starts to fade… Then what?

Well most of us forget that we once had big, humongous Dreams, giant almost inconceivable Dreams.  It is the moment that our dreams slip, our passion fades that we begin to die, that we begin to expire!  I remember when I was about 8 I wanted to grow up and marry an airline pilot and have twin daughters, blond of course.  It was a silly little dream because I have black hair and twins do not run in my family but I did not know any better and anything was possible in my world.  If someone had told me right then and there that my dream was impossible I may have never dreamed again.  This happens to most of us, someone tells us that we can’t possibly want or have our dreams, they are ridiculous, impossible, preposterous and before you know it we are dying again.

Are you seeing a themes here?  Without our Dreams, what is the point?  I for one have always had really big whopper dreams, dreams that reached the sky and beyond.  Most of my dreams have never come true but I believe with all of my being that it is possible because I just keep dreaming bigger and bigger dreams.  As I shift and change my dreams shift and change right along with me.  I spend a lot of time day-dreaming, imagining and pondering what it is I wish to create in my life and then set about visualizing what I want appearing in my life.

I for one refuse to give up dreaming and consequently I think I will never age!  I am forever young!  I am a DREAMER!  I intend to enjoy my life and live it up every chance I get… Want to join me?

Dreamers Unite!

Just this past week I was watching the Science Channel on TV and found a really fascinating show on “Time”. They were discussing the idea of aging or the genetic coding that determines if a cell will age and die. Well, they found out that the human body has NO gene that tells it to age and die, none. Do you know what that means? WE DO NOT NEED TO AGE! I have had this belief for a long time but now there is concrete hard science that proves it.

So, what does this really mean? According to this show, what ages us is the free radical damage done to our cells. What causes free radical damage you ask? Here is a link to a great site that tells you all of the science of the free radical. Suffice it to say, free radicals are not good. What they do on the cellular level is to shoot holes in our DNA strands. A damaged DNA strand will reproduce its damaged information and before you know it all there is, is damaged information left. The perfect healthy young cell no longer has the coding to produce it’s self in it’s perfect state.

What this means is that we have what is needed to help our bodies to not age. It is so perfect in its simplicity eat better food, drink better water, and breathe better air.

I can hear you all saying “wait a minute, how can we do that in the environment we live in?” I agree, sounds simple. However, with a little planning and persistence I think we can come closer to supporting our bodies and keeping our DNA healthy and safe.

There are a number of antioxidant rich foods that if purchased from organic farms and supplemented with really good vitamins can move you closer to health. It is a matter of educating yourself on what is in the foods you eat, the water you drink and the air you breath. I am a big proponent of eating as organic as possible. I mean move you there a little at a time and every day move one step closer to 100% organic. I also take really good whole food supplements that have been dried at temperatures below 100 degrees so are still considered RAW. I drink clean filtered water. I filter ALL of the water coming into my home so that I do not bath in chlorine every day. I have air filters that filter the air inside my home and office. I do what I can right now knowing that I will continue to move towards a better healthier lifestyle. I work at not using any white sugar or corn sweeteners. It is about taking steps to your goal not trying to accomplish it all over night.

Be good to yourself and Longevity will be your reward. The body is our temple and we just need to remember that it carries us along on our journey, this journey of our lifeTIME!

The Longevity Goddess

Summer is finally in full swing. Cool fresh mornings and deliciously silky warm evenings shared with friends and loved ones. Summertime can be a great time but it can be a challenge for our skin and our bodies in knowing what to do and what not to do. The secret to Longevity Living is to do everything in Moderation, including sun. Contrary to current belief the sun is not bad for you; as a matter of fact we need the sun to help our body produce vitamin D among other things. Sun is healthy sun is good. My personal belief is that the problem lies with the stuff we put in and on our bodies including the petrochemicals and grime that attaches to our skin every day. I have recently started to sunbathe every day for 10 minutes right out of the shower. If I had a place to do this naked I would. Just for 10 minutes. Then I put on barrier protection (long sleeves, hat etc.) and go about my day. This way I know I am getting enough vitamin D. North Americans are deficient in Vitamin D even those people that live in the sunny southern states because they put on sunscreen before exposing themselves to the life giving sun.
With warm weather we need more fluids. Remember to hydrate. Drink the equivalent of half your body weight in ounces of water, Pure, plain, fresh water. This means that the liquid that you drink in sodas coffee and tea do not count. In fact they dehydrate your body so you really need to drink more water. I live in Seattle so the idea of giving up my coffee is almost impossible, I drink it but just 1 or 2 cups per day and then I drink and extra glass of water to make up for the dehydration it causes.
My Longevity Living philosophy is being smart and ease into any new habit. If you cannot embrace a new habit by making it easy you will not do it. My plan of attack is to pick one new thing to change about what I am doing now. For instance; I have a list of about 10 things I would like to incorporate into my daily routine, I want to eventually do them all but if I tried to do that I would do nothing. So this week I am really paying attention to the amount of water I am really consuming and adding just 1 more 20 oz bottle until I get up to the recommended amount for normal body function. My plan next week is to stop using dairy products of any kind. So, you can see that if you tackle them one at a time you too can accomplish great strides towards your healthy and long future.
Finding ways to live longer means finding ways to live smarter and have fun in the process. Remember to honor yourself for what you are doing right and just noticed when you are not. This is not another opportunity to beat yourself up for not doing but recognize why you are not. Then get back on track. Life is an incredible adventure that incorporates all of the little moments along the way. No worries about the destination, it will come soon enough.

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