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I believe that we all have it in us to break through the barriers of our past and move into our future with joy.  Discovering what holds us back is the key to moving into our future.  The EIP process is very effective at unlocking the blocks and patterns and unhooking us from predetermined behavior.

I have been working with this process myself and with my clients for over a year now and am finding some amazing results.  Moving past those behaviors that you keep repeating. Those patterns that you keep repeating even when you no longer want to.  WE have always been made to feel taht we have to suck it up and just stop.  Many of us have found that so much easier said than done.  With the EIP process you can move through those programs to the other side and begin to see a future filled with joy!

Changes have been occurring at an accelerated rate these past few months and it has been all I could do to hang on!  I am not complaining, quite the opposite, Life is change.  I embrace change.

I have given up my office in Bellevue, I decided that I really like 10 second commutes.  It was really just a difference in direction and focus.  I am really enjoying the decision to make this change and re-focus on what is really important to me and my business.  My focus has shifted from exclusively anti-aging to a broader focus of total health. Helping to move my clients closer to a joy filled and passionate life, feeling great!  I have added several modalities that are very effective at uncovering the root cause of discomfort (physical, emotional and mental) that is keeping us from living our fullest expression.  I am using  Acutonics® tuning forks on acupuncture meridians to alleviate a variety of conditions. Reiki, a Japanese healing modality that is very effective at de-stressing the body so that the body can heal.

I am also teaching Reiki as a Reiki Master and Teaching Energetic Healing Systems through Training in Power Academy.

So, even though change occurs, when we “go with the flow” of the change and do not resist we can discover all of the subtle nuances and gifts that that change has to offer.

I invite you to embrace the change and discover it’s gifts!

Eliminating Interference Patterns of DNA

Last night I spoke at The Academy of Spirit in Lynnwood, WA.
I spoke about a wonderful process I have discovered that uses the science of numerical mapping to help move you from suffering to empowerment.
Epigenetics is the study of how the emotions alter our DNA structure in the physical and vibrational field that surrounds our DNA.  This means that if you have an intense emotional response to something you will in effect, be altering your DNA.
This is wonderful news; this means that if it can be altered with emotions we can consciously change it by changing our thoughts and emotions!

The EIP process is a process in which you are guided to discover where the original DNA damage happened, find out what triggered it to appear in your life now and then neutralize it’s effect.  Once neutralized it is replaced with a corrective emotion or feeling.
It is a profound process to help move you forward in your life. You can now take yourself off of the hook and recognize that it is a program block on your DNA that has been running the show.
Email me for a free consultation and begin to change your life.
No longer will the sins of the father remain upon the children.
With Light

Lorayne, The Longevity Goddess

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