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StarSeeds it is Time to Choose – Dark to Light – Fear to Love

We are in the time of GREAT CHANGE, the transition from lower frequencies of light energy 3D/4D to the Crystalline Diamond Light of 5D/6D and as StarSeeds we hold the keys to the kingdom, LITERALLY!
We made a choice to be here on Earth, at this time, for a purpose, for our Divine Mission, We are here to show the way! We emit frequencies that all of life can and will, at some point, entrain to. It is not something we do, it is what we are! We are the holders of the new earth consciousness and the weavers of the new earth, we have been doing this for eons, for this exact time!
Join me in a powerful meditation of choosing, right here and right now, for you can choose to walk in the Light and fulfill your chosen mission or you can choose to remain in the dark, it is up to you, you are a sovereign being will the gift of free will….. What will you declare and Chose?
It is my Joy and Love for you that keeps me on my Mission path!

Love/Light Light/Love


music by Steven Halpern
Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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