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StarSeed Message – The Time of Sacrifice is OVER! – Self Care and Love/Joy are the way forward!

*** As we move further into the ascension gateway and gain further understanding of the StarSeed mission we begin to get a clearer picture of how we, as StarSeeds maneuver and play within the field for the highest and best of the whole.
We came here, at this time, to be of service, to be “on point” and assist with the process but… the time of our sacrificing ourselves is over….! We cannot be of service if we are holding the energetic of sacrifice! This is the moment in our collective history that we hold to the Love/Joy frequencies and model, demonstrate and emit these codes and frequencies for all to receive and replicate.
I you need to step back, regroup, re-calibrate… do so! If you need to pause and reflect… do so! If you are ready to step back “on Point” then do so! You, as the master… choose, how, when and what in every moment..! be the master and be in service without sacrifice!
You are Loved beyond measure and your willingness to be of service to all of humanity is appreciated!
We are not alone, we are a massive collective of StarSeed souls birthed into this world to share in the group ascension process, a Joyfilled journey into our beautiful 5D New Earth! The planet of Living Light!
Love/Light Light/Love

music by Meditative Mind YouTube channel
Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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