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StarSeed Message – Keeping our Energy Clean and Clear – Energy Hygiene, Spacial and Personal – Renew

As we continue to elevate in frequency it is imperative to continue to clear our personal energetic space to ensure the greatest benefit.
Energy Hygiene – what a great term!
In this video I discuss what this is, and how to clear your personal space, your home and the land using tools and techniques that are proven and will raise the energy of you and your spaces.
Energy can be siphoned off by entities and other beings (other people, or events or anything that has disrupted your field) which leaves you depleted and open to energy infringement. Cutting the cords (energy attachments), with Love is the best way to keep your energy!
I personally use many tools and techniques to keep myself and my space clean and clear.
I use crystals, energy grids, cutting cords etc…
Tuning forks Acutonics and SomaEnergetics
Sage, Pala Wood, Sweet Bay
Tibetan singing bowls
Crystal Essences
Pyramid energy – I found mine on Etsy
Clapping hand
I hope this was helpful…
Please share your thoughts in the comments, I love hearing your experience.
Much Love/Light Light/Love

music by meditative mind youtube channel
Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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