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StarSeed Living – Soul-Full Sunday – Your Reality is about to Change – Conversation/Meditation 15:36

Welcome to Soul-Full Sunday,

This is a Powerful time of Transformation from our know reality to a whole new magical and wondrous reality that has never existed before! We are creating it as we go and we are envisioning it with our hearts as if unfolds in beautiful energetic spirals of Joy and Bliss.
We are the creators and we are leading the way for all who wish to join in the fun!.
The planets are aligning is such a way as the Transformation will be complete and the New Age will fully seat into this time and space. As the old dismantles and falls away we are witnessing the true magic that comes when we align with our hearts and operate from our spiritual knowing. We are in service to the world and that is a magical thing.
We are all in this together and You are Not Alone!


Music by Gary Stroutsos
Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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