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StarSeed Living – Meditation – 11.13 – Detoxing Mother Earth and preparing for the New Golden Age!

Join me for this Powerful Meditation to support and prepare our beautiful Earth Mother and all of natural inhabitants as we move into the New Golden Age. We are calling clearing ALL that does not serve the higher Light frequencies and removing the imposed dark energies from the field so that we may move into the New Age with Joy and Bliss. Any and all energetic frequencies that are not of the Light and our original organic framework are dispelled and detoxed from our template and we are elevated to the 5D Diamond Light, Crystalline Template.
We stand as One Heart, One Mind One Energetic force of Angelic StarSeed passion and power… An Army of Light!
We are all in this together and You are Not Alone!

Music by Gary Stroutsos
Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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