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StarSeed Living – Free Form Friday – Critical Times – Standing as Spiritual Warriors of LIGHT

Welcome to Free Form Friday,

We are in Times that call us to Stand for the Light, to put on our armor and wield our swords of Love Light! As a StarSeed you are being called, NOW, to hold the line, stand for the Light and share your LOVE with the world.

This is November, Friday the 13th, 2020 we are taking back our numbers, our signs and our symbols and transforming them into the 5D energetics of Love and Bliss.

I want you to know that as we stand as witness of these auspicious times of transformation we are connected as one mind, one heart and one unified field of Love. We are the way-showers and we are here to usher in the New Age. An era of compassion, Love, cooperation, unity, harmony, as we are in service to others.

There are those still blinded by the matrix but many are waking up en- mass…. They need us to share, guide and support them as they catch up. We are more connected than ever before. Go within, listen to your star sisters and brothers around the globe, tune in and know, we are one!
We are all in this together and You are Not Alone!


PS: Apparently my camera slipped so I am cut off a bit, the information flow was good so I decided not to try and redo. I hope you enjoy!
Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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