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StarSeed Dilemma – Coping/Dealing with Dis-Ease…. Guilt, Shame, Surrender… Faith…Love!

Many StarSeeds have shared that they are struggling physically, emotionally and even spiritually at this time… These are challenging times. We are being asked to forget everything we have known and believed to be real and expand outward into what IS Real!
Everything is changing for all of us and the challenge is to remember to be gentle with ourselves as we, together move through this.
Many of us, starseeds and light-workers alike have felt shameful about not having been able to heal ourselves of the physical, mental or emotional challenges that we are experiencing and may have experienced for a very long time. Remember, if you look deeply into this challenge, it may be the very thing that propelled you to seek and learn and grow.
Whatever you need to do to take care of you, whatever synergy of the metaphysical and physical you need to do to take care of you is OK…!
remember, it is better for the physical organism to stay alive and functioning while we envision and manifest the healing modalities of our future. If you are no longer here, what is the point.
So, I implore you to let go of Shame, let go of guilt and surrender to your knowing, keep your frequencies high and bless the process. You will be glad you did. Love yourself deeply as we are all ascending together into the New Earth.

Love/Light Light/Love
Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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