Earthcrystal Girl

Solstice Manifestation Gateway 2020 – Creating a World of Unity Consciousness

We are Creators and we are Creating our New World! As StarSeeds we are Powerful Creators and Manifest our desires almost instantaneously when we are in our hearts and coming from unity conciouseness we have exponencial effects on matter. Join me as we utilize this Powerful Solstice, Solar Eclipe Gateway to expand and accelerate the force of Unity Conciousness Pulled from pur work upon the New EArth Template %D/6D world. Be bring this powerful magnificent energetic to the 3D/4D space to heal the energy of seperation and conflict. Those who are ready to awaken to this new paradigm will feel the energy of the New EArth and resonate with her Love, Harmony and Joy.
Lets Manifest a new world together, joined within the StarSeed Grid!

Love/Light Light/Love
Lorrayen Ham

music by Steven Halpern
Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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