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Pain and aging

Pain and aging

Pain and LED

LED light were FDA approved a few years ago to treat pain. I have been thinking a lot lately about pain and the aging process and seeing how a perfectly healthy vibrant active person who looks like they are in their 30’s suddenly starts to look old and crippled. That is what pain can do to you. Not only is it a physical thing but also soon becomes an emotional thing when the pain starts to interfere with all of those little everyday activities. Pain is invasive; it seeps into every pore of our lives. Brushing our hair or our teeth can suddenly become so painful that we just stop doing it. When pain lasts long enough it often leads to depression. People literally start to age before our eyes.
I have had an increase in clients wanting me to treat the pain symptoms that have crept up do to repetitive movement; carpal tunnel, bursitis, tennis elbow, are all forms of repetitive movement injury. A 10 to 30 minute treatment with the LED lights and many of my clients leave pain free. This is truly a Star Trekian kind of modality, wave a red or amber light over your body for a few minutes and snap! You are all better.
Now, it does not always work like that for every client. I do have some clients that seem to not have any improvement and others that never have the pain return.
I sprained my ankle a year ago and the doctors told me that I would be laid up for a minimum of 6 weeks! I am very busy and the thought of lying around for six weeks was not a comfortable one. I was dutiful for two days and lay in bed with my foot up on pillows. Then I thought, well, the LED lights are FDA approved to treat pain and accelerate healing 10% to 20%. So I tried the lights on myself. Every day for 5 days I treated my ankle for 15 to 20 minutes. I treated the whole ankle area just to be safe. In one week I was off my crutches and in two weeks I was jumping on just the injured foot. It was completely healed. That made a believer out of me!
What I discovered was that the closer to the date of injury the better recovery time.
There is all sorts of scientific data to support why the healing takes place and is accelerated and I encourage you to read it and check it out.
If you are experiencing pain and are feeling old because of it, consider LED light therapy, it cannot hurt you and it just may help heal you.
Happy healing and youthful living,

The Longevity Goddess!

Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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