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One moment at a time

One moment at a time

This time of year my mind always wonders to those wonderful family times, to sharing good food and feeling safe and loved.  Looking back on those memories and how simple life seemed I find myself longing for that feeling again.  That innocence of times long ago………. OK so that was nice but I live NOW, here in this time and I want to make this time FEEL as wonderful as that felt them without trying to live in the past.
That is the challenge to bring the feelings forward to the NOW time without getting lost in the THEN time.  Recently I decided to see what it was like to live in the moment.  I have heard it my whole life but it never seemed possible or real. After all we live in a world that expects us to be certain places at certain times and if we aren’t people get mad.  WE are expected at any given moment to remember any number of facts to the point that we are filling our minds with all sorts of pasts and futures all at once and how do we STOP and live in this moment?

I am here to tell you it is possible!  I did not say it was easy but it is possible.
I did have to adjust my idea about it was slightly to function in the 21st century but here it is…….

Keep a really good schedule!!  I mean it; living in the now requires organization. No jumping in and saying “I am just going to live in the NOW right now and forever” Won’t work!  Buddha lived in simpler times and the amount of information that he needed to keep in his brain was just a fraction of the information we keep in our brains.  Times were different then.  So, keep yourself organized!

I decided one day that I was tired of living everywhere but where I was and I did just stop and decide to live in the moment.  I found that it had its down side. After all when you have your own business and you tell a client, in the moment, “Sure I will email that to you as soon as we are done” well when you are done, that moment has passed and you have forgotten all about emailing anything.  You are blissfully living in the moment and out of left field your client calls and says “Hey, YOU SAID……….” People just do not understand that you are living in the moment and the moment passes and it just did not get done!
So here is what I did, I got a very detailed schedule and a large stack of sticky notes!  Sticky notes are the best invention for the “moment livers” of the world.  We can be in the moment and write ourselves a note and forget about it until the scheduled time of note reading, Brilliant!!!  I have a very detailed schedule and I write in my appointments and note reading times each day and after I do I forget about them until the time that they arrive.  Well, that is not entirely honest, I look at my schedule just before I go to bed at night so I know if I have to get up early and moving or not.  I have missed appointments.

So with a little planning and accurate scheduling and very good note taking, YOU TOO, can be one of the lucky few who have mastered the art of LIVING IN THE MOMENT!

Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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