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Moving into 5D – Healing the Endocrine System – StarSeed Crystalline Living Light – Meditation +

Today we reset our endocrine system to expand and express the crystalline Living Light 5D frequencies. We clear the calcified energy of the matrix and move to the Living Light frequency to bring balance and harmony to our entire physical form and our StarSeed body suit.
You are a divine Feminine/Masculine being expressing an individual energetic signature into this 3/4D matrix and we are bringing to balance our cellular and energetics to ascend into our new 5/6D template .
When we bring our endocrine system into balance the collective alchemical harmony that occurs effects every area of our lives and the greater world.
Join me as we transform, connect and shift into our Living Light Crystalline form.
Meditation starts at min.14
music by meditative mind youtube channel
Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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