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Let’s look at Water

Let’s look at Water

Water Wisdom
A healthy recommendation for water consumption would be at least 10-12 glasses each day, with optimum benefits reached at 14 to 16 glasses a day.

I have been reading a lot about WATER.

Being in the business of helping people to maintain healthy radiant skin and to remain muscle and joint pain free, I have always known how important water was, I just did not know HOW IMPORTANT! Personally I am a big proponent of water and found it interesting to discover how many of my clients do not like water and think that drinking any liquid equates to water. I think the problem is finding good tasting water to drink. There are many good quality water producers that have many health benefits. If you want to know some, send me an email. Remember Light and Water are the main sources of life on our beautiful planet. Start living better, drink more WATER!
Following is great information on water excerpted from:

In just the last decade medical science has begun to focus on the tremendous healing ability our body has and how much that ability depends on water. Our body instinctively strives to be young and healthy. Each component working in amazing synchronicity to bond broken bones, regenerate and replace damaged tissue and attack and destroy hostile organisms. In each of these miraculous processes there is one common factor…WATER!

Our body’s detoxification system is probably the single most important component to optimum health, and the one process that relies most heavily on an excess intake of clean water. We’ve all heard it said that we should drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water each day. Drinking the minimum will only help maintain a minimum level of health. Our body will use at least 8 glasses of water each day under normal relatively passive activity to maintain the basic bodily functions such as digestion, temperature control, joint lubrication and skin hydration. Each time we exhale, blink our eyes or make any kind of movement at all we use up some of the available water in our system. Even the constant beating of our heart is a water consuming process. We’re continuously depleting the available water level in side our body. In order for our body to properly perform the essential task of filtering and flushing out toxins we must consume a level of water above the minimum. The more of an excess that exists, the more our body is able to rid itself of the elements that promote disease and aging. It’s a beautifully simple process that can make a tremendous difference in the degree of health we achieve and maintain, but we have to let it happen by consuming an abundance of clean, healthy water!
A healthy recommendation for water consumption would be at least 10-12 glasses each day, with optimum benefits reached at 14 to 16 glasses a day. (Caffeinated or sweetened beverages should not be counted towards your daily water intake as they actually cause the body to excrete water.) It’s possibly the best health enhancement habit you can develop and it’s so simple a glass of water every one to two hours. Try it…drink at least 10 glasses of water every day for just one week and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel!

Until next time!

Lorayne, The Longevity Goddess

Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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