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Dreaming our World into Being – An Experiment in Shifting Reality

Edited…. wrong start day ….
Starting on 2/20/21 at 12 noon est..
Join me on February 20th for an Experiment in Shifting and Creating Reality. The power of StarSeeds joining as Fractals of the one Divine Source focusing our energy to Create, on behalf of all Hu-Manity, our New World….
As we fully integrate the Aquarian energies and take advantage of the great conjunction of the time/space and dissolve the old to bring about the new.
We are intending a whole NEW Quantum reality that cannot be created from the same space that the old paradigm is and was created, we must move outside of time/space and into the Void, the field of infinite possibility and create from there.
For 30 days we will come together, in energy, at 12 noon eastern standard time….
We will have a short discussion of the structures that are intended for that day and then go into meditation so that we can bridge beyond all time/space and become the DREAM WALKERS that we are!
We will literally be dreaming ourselves into the New World New Earth reality.
Each day I will put a short description of the day and any exercises that will enhance the end results.
I hope you will join me in this grand experiment, I hope that you will share this far and wide.
Remember, as we send a ripple out into the field we affect everything in the entire Universe!
You/We are that Power Filled.

Love/Light Light/Love
Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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