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Dreaming into 5D – Perception of Reality – Choice – Frequency and Light – Find your Tribe

A channeled message and lots of Love flowing as we gather together to find our tribe.
Times are challenging and we are asking ourselves how do I cope with all of this? How do I rectify within myself the choices of those I love?
As StarSeeds we are being faced with many Choices that to us begin to boggle our senses. It is difficult to innerstand why someone would choose to remain in the duality and conflict when we are racing to embrace our bliss.
It is that pesky “Free Will” thing that trips us up every time. As fractals of the Divine one…. We want to return to the one… others do not.
So… as we are rushing towards our destiny…. It is helpful to find those that resonate with us, with our innerstandings, with our frequency and resonate with them, allowing others their choices even when it is difficult for us emotionally.
I encourage you to seek out others, like yourself, that are speaking your language and try them on for size…. Even in 5D we will not all resonate at the same frequency but we will all Love deeply and allow others their space. We will not all be the same but we will all come from our hearts and live joy and compassion.
In these times of change it is my hope that you can gain peace int he knowing that nothing ever dies, no energy is ever lost and love rules!

Love/Light Light/Love

Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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