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Dreaming into 5D – Intuitive Insights – Day 11 – “Illusion ‘vs” Reality”.

***DAY 11 in the series we are looking at our perceptions of reality, true Reality and the illusions we create. Many are commenting that they are tired of waiting, that they want the shift to happen…. It IS happening! What we need to do is stop projecting and see with our hearts NOT our minds. 5D already exists but we have not yet risen our frequencies high enough, consistently enough to “see” it! 3D, 4D and 5D are here existing simultaneously, it is a frequency thing!
I recommend you find ways to keep your frequencies high or distract yourself from the illusion. If you get face-planted into the matrix… as soon as you can, get yourself our and find something to do that brings you joy.
Things are happening but we need to remove expectations, remove our limited perceptions and hold on as tightly as we can to the TRUTH, and remember time is the illusion, this is going to take years or perceived time to shift completely, but we will star Seeing the impact of our higher energetics at play.
If you are experiencing any ascension symptoms or detoxing from the 3D/4D know that this is energetic and that you can ask for assistance from your divine light support team to assist and guide you as you release yourself from the matrix.

As StarSeeds we are Master Creators! We literally pull from the field, focus through our minds and create the world (Reality).
In this 30 day experiment, we are working within the Field of All Possibility (Pure Potentiality) The Cosmic Void to Dream, not from the know, but from the unknown, OUR NEW WORLD!

Please let me know your experiences in the comment section, as we continue through the process of destruction / collapse and rebirth / renewal!


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Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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