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Dreaming 5D into Being – 30 Days of Meditation/Manifesting – Day 4 – “Activating Crystalline DNA”

***DAY 4 in the series we are Bringing online the full expression of our Crystalline Diamond Light 144 DNA Strands! We are further moving ourselves from the 4D matrix into the 5D Template. As we bring online our full 144 DNA strands more and more of our StarSeed awakened Light Beingness is brought online and we have access to our full potentiality.

If you experience any ascension symptoms or detoxing from the 3D/4D know that this is energetic and that you can ask for assistance from your divine light support team to assist and guide you as you release yourself from the matrix.

As StarSeeds we are Master Creators! We literally pull from the field, focus through our minds and create the world (Reality).
In this 30 day experiment, we are working within the Field of All Possibility (Pure Potentiality) The Cosmic Void to Dream, not from the know, but from the unknown, OUR NEW WORLD!
What will be Created…? What do we Desire…? What is Possible…?
With the power of our collective intent, working through this powerful field of
creation we will build the world we wish to experience and play with these creative manifesting energies.

The 3D/4D is dismantling right before our eyes and it is up to us to rise beyond time and space and create a whole NEW reality.

Please let me know your experiences in the comment section, as we continue through the process of destruction / collapse and rebirth / renewal!


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Music from the Meditative Mind YouTube Channel…. Check them out for more fantastic meditation music..
Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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