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Crystal Essences…. Magic?

Crystal Essences…. Magic?

We humans hold within our very cells crystalline substances in the form minerals that we need for our very existence. We are made of star dust as is everything on Earth.

Crystal Essence Energy.. Is it magic or is it science?  Why is it so hard for us to recognize the benefits of the unseen, the energy that exists all around us?  In fact there is not one space in our universe that is not filled with substance.  Science is now proving what we in the esoteric world have known all along… energy exists everywhere and that energy has power.

Crystals like everything else in our world have energy and each crystal has its own energy signature just as each one of us has our own fingerprint.  We are each individuals and so are crystals.  Crystals have different family groups or chemical make up which causes them to have specific frequencies of energy, however within that group (ie: fluorite, quartz, tourmaline)  each individual crystal has its own unique personality or frequency if you bother to get to know it.

I have been working with crystals for over 30 years and in that time I have gotten to know a lot of crystals but a few have made themselves know to me in a much more powerful way.  We have connected and in that connection I have gained new insights into both the crystalline world and into my own world and my place in it.

I have recently been working with Crystal Essences with guidance from my crystal friends and am finding the benefit that they can provide for us in flesh and blood form.  We humans hold within our very cells crystalline substances in the form minerals that we need for our very existence.  Everything is energy and at the energetic level it is easy to move and transform, essences made from crystals can tap into the space of no matter and benefit us, the user.

Crystal Essences can work much faster on the spiritual, emotional and mental levels as they have not solidified into the physical realm, however they can be extremely beneficial for any dis-ease that has manifested physically as well, it just may take a little longer.  Crystals and the essences created with them are a gift that we can use to heal on every level.  Since we are ourselves crystalline, the healing energy transmitted to our cells by the crystal essences are easily received.

Is it magic or is it science?  If it is repeatable… perhaps it is science.  I think in the coming years we will be hearing more about crystal medicine and its many benefits.  Already science and technology are using crystals to make smaller and smaller devices to benefit humanity.  The crystalline world has much to offer us if we allow it.  I invite you to discover the benefits you can receive from the crystalline world by visiting my website and checking out my new line of Crystal Essences, crystal courses and services

Light, Love and Joy

Lorayne Evangelyn

Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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