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Constant Change: Death and Renewal

Constant Change: Death and Renewal

Just as life is born, grows, matures and dies so do the seasons of our lives.

In this constant change we must learn to allow, to live for the moment and let go.  Life is never stationary and yet we continue to try and hold on, just a little longer, to ideas, beliefs and ways of being that have long past lived their truth.

At one time we believed the world was flat, that nothing existed beyond our tiny little planet and that we were the center of it all. We now know that we are living on this tiny, beautiful jewel amidst other tiny jewels in a vast and seeming unending universe.

What other absolutes are you holding on to that are past their expiration date?  What would be possible for you if you let them go and expanded your knowing to what is the truth, without limitation?

If believe that life is somehow against us, that is exactly what we get.  If we believe that we are destined to be ill, again that is our experience.  If we believe that we must age and die, we do.

Throughout history and nature there are wonderful examples of possibility beyond our understanding and yet we do not acknowledge or see the truth in them, we are blind to the possibility that exist with them.  People and animals living up into there 100’s, animals re-growing limbs, teeth, organs… why do we deny the possibilities so vehemently when nature shows us what is possible if we would only open our eyes and hearts and see the truth?

I often wonder what would truly be possible if we could wash away and erase what we know for what is.  For years I have been challenged with the underlying belief that my body is weak, that I am destined to struggle with physical challenges.  I have learned, intellectually that I can change my reality, that I can heal my body, that I am the creator of my reality and yet little has changed.   I have studied, worked, meditated, prayed, chanted and studied some more.  I have delved deep into my past and healed the trauma and yet I find my body still weak.  I wonder… how do I erase the underlying, deep hidden beliefs that keep me unwell?  These are questions that have plagued humans for millennia.

My eyes, heart, mind and spirit know there are other possibilities beyond death, illness, pain and suffering.  I know this with every fiber of my being.  So what is keeping the truth from manifesting in my form?  Am I, are we, destined to continue the cycle of death and rebirth over and over again?

What is the key to life everlasting? I know it is merely a whisper away beyond my current understanding and current beliefs.  What will it take to shift our limited understanding to comic knowing?

I continue to push ever further out to the edges of my awareness to breach the walls of my mind… to transcend the illusions of duality, death and rebirth.

I will keep you posted on my progress!

I wish you an ever expanding truth that transcends understanding.

Lorayne Evangelyn


Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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