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It seems we are all looking for someone who can help to heal us, to guide us and to enlighten us.  And there are plenty of healers, teachers and guru’s out there who are willing to do just that.

What if YOU were the Master your are seeking?  What if you have all the answers you will ever need?  What if all the healers, teachers and gurus out there were just there to remind you of your own brilliance?

What if…..

I’m here to tell you that you are the Master you seek and that you don’t need me or anyone else to heal you or teach you how to do it.  However, if you don’t know that you are the Master, it is nice to have others remind you, that is what I do!

I am a perpetual seeker so I know the temptation to try to find the answers to problems from some external source.  We have all been trained to look outside of ourselves for everything we need or want, so it is only natural to look outside for the answers to life’s most pressing issues.  We are also not supported in the idea that we have the answers and when we do happen to mention that we have the answers, we are often questioned as if we can not be trusted to KNOW.  But we/I/You do have the answers.  We do know!

The difficulty is often in the interpretation or reception of the answer to our questions that we are receiving.  It took me years of learning to trust myself enough to trust the answers I was receiving, answers that I just knew, when I needed them and sometimes answers that I heard in my mind.

I am not any more gifted than you are.  In fact I would consider myself a slow learner, maybe more accurately a defiant learner.  I discounted my own knowing for so long that I falsely believed that I was not something special and that other people could do it but not me.  We are all special, we are all gifted, we are all “All Knowing”, We are all connected to and part of the whole that is our Source and therefore we all have access to the same information!

Therefore we are all the Masters in our lives.


If you are as resistant and defiant as I was then you may want to find a teacher or mentor that can remind you of your brilliance, as long as they do not tell you that you “need” them to get where you want to be, that would be a guru complex and you want to stay as far away from that as possible!

You may need to be reminded of the ways you can connect with your own guidance and learn practical tools to do that.  This is where a mentor can come in handy.  Human nature tends to be very forgetful.  We learn amazing things, we preform miracles and then very shortly we forget all of it.

The best way I have found to combat this phenomena is to enact daily practices.  In the early days of my awakening to myself, to my Spirit, I had many mentors that reminded me on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis in the form of one on one mentoring, via monthly calls and annual conferences.  On my own I would listen to daily guided meditations and videos.  I did anything that I was guided internally to do, so that I could remember my connection to the whole, to my Source.

Over time I finally developed to skills needed to trust my guidance.  I finally got out of my own way and allowed myself to remember.  And in the remembering I regained my psychic abilities, my knowing.  My whole world opened up.  My previously limited world became an open expanse of possibility, unlimited, unbounded, pure potentiality.  I have access to everything, to everyone and to all knowing. 

This too is your potential, you are the Master you seek.  With a little effort and maybe some guidance, your life will transform.

If you are looking for a mentor to remind you, you can check out my services.  I will soon be adding some meditations as well.

The most important things to remember are that you are WORTHY, you are GOOD and that you are LOVED.  Sometimes those are the hardest things to trust about yourself, I know, but they are true.  As soon as you can let yourself remember that, everything else will come easily and naturally.

It is as easy as skipping rocks upon a pond…

With a loving and open heart,

Lorayne Evangelyn


To say that BEING is easy is not wrong and yet sometimes it can be just plain hard, or at least it feels that way.  You can feel dashed upon the rocks and tumbled about or stuck in an eddy going nowhere on your journey.  The ultimate goal is to be in the flow, to Be present in every moment of your life and let life show you where you are going.  As a tried and true, Be-er, living in the flow is what I strive for.  To live it and breathe it, to simply Be….

I am not perfect, none of us are, and just because I have written books, lead workshops, and basically make my living helping others to stay grounded and in their Beingness does not mean that I don’t trip up, sometimes stumble and fall headlong into the pool.  I strive to Be most of the time and sometimes I am successful and other times I fail miserably.  I am Ok with that.

In truth if I were so far into my Being as to never step out of its flow, I would no longer be connected to the world and, at least for now, I like being connected.

I have been really working on clearing out the old patterns and beliefs that still keep me stuck in past and out of my Being and past patterns of behavior that are not currently serving me.  It is deep work that has been and continues to be very rewarding.  As I have been doing the work it has stirred up a lot.  Much of which is undefinable and yet powerfully emotionally challenging.  I am working with a dear friend and mentor Sharon Reigie Maynard .  Even mentors and spiritual leaders need mentors, others who can see what we cannot and help lead us out.

This week has been particularly challenging, I have been working to get the BEING MOMENTS phone Apps up and running.  I’m working with a wonderful developer, Matthew Dean, and as technology can be sometimes, there have been a few snafus!  I have also been working with my Web developer, Steffen Fanger, very talented and wonderful at keeping me on point.   Now normally I can just go with the flow, let everything be in its own time and pace.  However, this week I have wanted to push….push….push!  The old habitual behaviors and control freakness have crept in and have been running the show full force for 5 days!  Ok, maybe not 24 hours a day but long enough to have me in a tizzy of self doubt and confusion.

Being – A Practical Guide to Living in the Moment, my book which is just about to be published and available online, it is a labor of love born of years of putting Being into practice and living it everyday.  It has been a wonderful teacher as I learn to let go, to know without a doubt that it has its own expression in the world and I am merely the vehicle for it to manifest into this dimension at this time.  I have been wanting it to be perfect and it already is.  All of the pushing and worrying and cajoling and whatnot will not make it any better any more perfect.  it was perfection when it came in and it will remain perfection.

So as a person Living Being every day, I am acknowledging that Being can Be messy, undone, disheveled and anything else that comes along with life.  Sometimes it’s just not pretty.  Always remember, there is always time to change your mind, move in a different direction, stub your toe, stumble and pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back to it.  Life and Being are not a race to see who gets there faster, better and with the most brownie points.  Each one of us is here on our own terms, in our own way and pace and in our own flow.  So just relax and enjoy the ride!

If you find yourself on your own path of Being and are needing a little support… you can always check out my website for more suggestions…   Remember, Being is not the destination, it is the journey that continually unfolds. 

I wish you days filled with joy, laughter, plenty of love and a flow that is free from strife.

Lorayne Evangelyn


We often think that if we could just get organized that our life would be in flow, that if we just had a handle on things we could and would feel safe… Free from the troubles that seem to follow us wherever we go.

The truth is life can be organized or chaotic, messy or orderly. Those are not the things that determine whether you are in flow.  You decide, it is a choice.  Life has it’s own way of things and it is our perception of the events and circumstances of our lives that determines messy or orderly, Chaotic or peaceful.

You are the one that can choose to “Be” at peace living from this moment and this time or to be in a downward spiral of chaos and fear. 

I know that it can and does fell very real when you are in the midst of it, your heart races, you feel it in your gut and you want to wretch!  But, if you can stop, take a deep breath, re-center yourself and move out of the story you keep telling yourself and into the Truth,the Truth of who you really are… Spirit in form…, in an instant you can change everything.

You can walk out of the darkness of your experience and into the Light, You can move out of your past drama and into your present expression.  You Choose! You are the only one who can!

And when you do choose to be present, right here, right now you will discover that you have always been in the Light and that the darkness was merely a shadow of your past revisiting your now, present time experience.

What will you choose Today?

Just as life is born, grows, matures and dies so do the seasons of our lives.

In this constant change we must learn to allow, to live for the moment and let go.  Life is never stationary and yet we continue to try and hold on, just a little longer, to ideas, beliefs and ways of being that have long past lived their truth.

At one time we believed the world was flat, that nothing existed beyond our tiny little planet and that we were the center of it all. We now know that we are living on this tiny, beautiful jewel amidst other tiny jewels in a vast and seeming unending universe.

What other absolutes are you holding on to that are past their expiration date?  What would be possible for you if you let them go and expanded your knowing to what is the truth, without limitation?

If believe that life is somehow against us, that is exactly what we get.  If we believe that we are destined to be ill, again that is our experience.  If we believe that we must age and die, we do.

Throughout history and nature there are wonderful examples of possibility beyond our understanding and yet we do not acknowledge or see the truth in them, we are blind to the possibility that exist with them.  People and animals living up into there 100’s, animals re-growing limbs, teeth, organs… why do we deny the possibilities so vehemently when nature shows us what is possible if we would only open our eyes and hearts and see the truth?

I often wonder what would truly be possible if we could wash away and erase what we know for what is.  For years I have been challenged with the underlying belief that my body is weak, that I am destined to struggle with physical challenges.  I have learned, intellectually that I can change my reality, that I can heal my body, that I am the creator of my reality and yet little has changed.   I have studied, worked, meditated, prayed, chanted and studied some more.  I have delved deep into my past and healed the trauma and yet I find my body still weak.  I wonder… how do I erase the underlying, deep hidden beliefs that keep me unwell?  These are questions that have plagued humans for millennia.

My eyes, heart, mind and spirit know there are other possibilities beyond death, illness, pain and suffering.  I know this with every fiber of my being.  So what is keeping the truth from manifesting in my form?  Am I, are we, destined to continue the cycle of death and rebirth over and over again?

What is the key to life everlasting? I know it is merely a whisper away beyond my current understanding and current beliefs.  What will it take to shift our limited understanding to comic knowing?

I continue to push ever further out to the edges of my awareness to breach the walls of my mind… to transcend the illusions of duality, death and rebirth.

I will keep you posted on my progress!

I wish you an ever expanding truth that transcends understanding.

Lorayne Evangelyn


Crystal Essence Energy.. Is it magic or is it science?  Why is it so hard for us to recognize the benefits of the unseen, the energy that exists all around us?  In fact there is not one space in our universe that is not filled with substance.  Science is now proving what we in the esoteric world have known all along… energy exists everywhere and that energy has power.

Crystals like everything else in our world have energy and each crystal has its own energy signature just as each one of us has our own fingerprint.  We are each individuals and so are crystals.  Crystals have different family groups or chemical make up which causes them to have specific frequencies of energy, however within that group (ie: fluorite, quartz, tourmaline)  each individual crystal has its own unique personality or frequency if you bother to get to know it.

I have been working with crystals for over 30 years and in that time I have gotten to know a lot of crystals but a few have made themselves know to me in a much more powerful way.  We have connected and in that connection I have gained new insights into both the crystalline world and into my own world and my place in it.

I have recently been working with Crystal Essences with guidance from my crystal friends and am finding the benefit that they can provide for us in flesh and blood form.  We humans hold within our very cells crystalline substances in the form minerals that we need for our very existence.  Everything is energy and at the energetic level it is easy to move and transform, essences made from crystals can tap into the space of no matter and benefit us, the user.

Crystal Essences can work much faster on the spiritual, emotional and mental levels as they have not solidified into the physical realm, however they can be extremely beneficial for any dis-ease that has manifested physically as well, it just may take a little longer.  Crystals and the essences created with them are a gift that we can use to heal on every level.  Since we are ourselves crystalline, the healing energy transmitted to our cells by the crystal essences are easily received.

Is it magic or is it science?  If it is repeatable… perhaps it is science.  I think in the coming years we will be hearing more about crystal medicine and its many benefits.  Already science and technology are using crystals to make smaller and smaller devices to benefit humanity.  The crystalline world has much to offer us if we allow it.  I invite you to discover the benefits you can receive from the crystalline world by visiting my website and checking out my new line of Crystal Essences, crystal courses and services

Light, Love and Joy

Lorayne Evangelyn

As a Crystal Master Teacher I have had the great priviledge of spending a lot of time with some amazing and gifted crystal teachers, Crystalline that is!  over the past 8 months as I have been developing and perfecting the Crystal Healing Certificate Program I have discovered an even deeper connection to my crystalline friends than previously known.  We have moved into a space of no space where their knowledge downloads and is received.  I am grateful for their presence in my life and am blessed to be able to share their gifts with you!

There is nothing that ailes man/woman that cannot be corrected and healed by nature (crystals) if we open ourselves up to the gifts they hold and receive those gifts for our benefit.

I have been having so much fun creating crystal essences “mothers” to share with you my friends, clients and students and I am thrilled to offer my new line of personalized crystal elixer blends!  The time I am spending with the crystals continues to bless me and open me up to new possibilities.  As I meditate, sing to and play music to the crystal essence mothers, letting them rest in the magnetic vibrations of the earth, I am finding my knowledge and awareness growing, love fills my heart and I am embraced by the expanse of no time.  I continue to ride the waves of creation and revel in each and every moment.

Life is such a blessing when you are doing what fills your soul every minute of every day!  There is nothing so freeing, liberating and expansive as being who you are and sharing that with the world.

Check out my websites and for more information or contact me at

Love, Light and Blessings

Lorayne Evangelyn

Looks like summer has finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest and it is glorious!  I know some of you are on the east coast and you have been living through the heat and humidity for some time now.   I know this too will change soon.  For now though I am going to enjoy myself, right where I am.

Whatever the outside circumstances of your world you can choose to be happy and enjoy life, or not.  If you give your power away to anything outside of you, even the weather, then you will find yourself powerless.  You have the right to stand up for yourself, claim your power and live your life empowered not by your outside world but by your inner knowing.

Whatever life serves you, chose to see it as an opportunity not a drudgery.  “Being” patient and kind with yourself and loving what shows up.  Sometimes things show up that were completely unexpected and you can be surprises and overjoyed by the moment.  The trick is to be open, if you are all caught up in the stuff going on around you, you might just miss the gifts along the way.

Since the Dog Days of Summer are with us for a little while longer, stay calm, stay cool and collected and let the world do what it will without you being caught in it.  Stay positive and maybe a little magic will show up unexpected and right when you need it.

So much is happening these days that sometimes it feels like we are thrust into the future with little or no preparation.  As time speeds up and we are all feeling it’s effects it feels, at times, like all we can do is hold on! 

I am not sure if you are feeling any of this but I sure am.  Sometimes I just want to disconnect from it all and slow down!  Recently I decided I would do just that.  It is about time, the Universe has been giving me signals for months and it took a serious accident to get me to finally listen.  I guess it was not so much a decision as a requirement.  In any event, here I am slowed down and what is coming out of this experience has been  unexpected and magical.

I am learning how to “Be” and in that being am discovering myself. Really seeing all of the ways that I have been, in essence running full throttle away from my self and my knowing.  I am not even sure why.  I guess I have been so use to running so that I would not have to face myself.  Perhaps out of fear that what myself would tell me would be so devastating that I would not survive.  Guess what?  It was ALL in my mind.  The truth is, there is nothing remotely horrible, bad, disgusting or even evil about me.  I am, like you, a beautiful, radiant, loving, joy filled being of the Source. 

What I am discovering is that there was something outside of me that was making me believe I was flawed and therefore not worthy of being Love.  Basically I was duped!  Well NO MORE!  I am finally ready to recognize the truth of me and in that recognition begins the healing.

I hope that you too, can find your truth, the truth that you are now and always have been worthy of being Loved.

I invite you to join in my experiment and check out my other blog

Until next time,

Lorayne Ham

Life is a moment by moment adventure.  Are you enjoying it?

As I allow myself to see each moment in my life as an opportunity rather than an obligation I am moving out of being the victim of circumstance and into the creator and explorer of my life!

As the creator I get to choose what each moment will be… a burden or an adventure, the choice has always been mine.  I admit, It has not always felt like my choice, in fact it has mostly felt like I was caught in some disastrous wild, raging wind with no chance at changing the direction.  But… what if we decided to jump off, stop the ride and just BE?  Most of us just do not know that we can stop it.

Now that we have stopped the forward thrusting, out-of-control momentum, we have a choice to either jump on again or change direction.  I choose to change direction but this time do it with focused intention.  Choosing the life I want instead of the one created out of past beliefs and imposed dogma.  What if I chose to see life from the place of Love, Peace, Joy, Fun, Passion, what if…?

Instead of looking at what is, choosing to move into what could be…  Imagine the possibility.  Creating  a life of wonder and magic.

I do not know what you will choose, you have free will.  I am going to choose in this moment a life of pure wonder… Will you join me?

These are important times.  We must move into a state of active Peace! It is up to us to change ourselves and then the world , each of us individually moving out of fear and into our power.

In these times of tumultuous news with earthquakes, threats of nuclear contamination in Japan and threats of War in Libya, I recommend that you center yourself and place yourself in a space of LOVE. If this is elusive to you think of someone you have a deep connection with, (it may be a child, a spouse, a pet, maybe it is nature, trees, a great forest) whatever it is for you I ask you to focus on it NOW.  Take a deep breath and let the feelings of this connection fill you up, moving you out of fear and into a state of peace.  Imagine what the world would be like if each one of us were continually in a deep state of peace and love.

The more we engage in the mass fear, the more we contribute to it. Remove yourself from contributing to fear and be a force of peace and love by moving into and contributing to peace and love.   If this is a challenge for you, there are many guides and teachers that are present and able to teach you how to hold this state of peaceful awareness. I am happy to connect you with a teacher or guide if one does not show up into your awareness.

We are in a time in our world today that requires us to focus on what we want our world to be, not what we see with our physical eyes. There is a great calling upon us to move out of fear and into the active state of peace, becoming a peace agent in the world.

I am sending out the call for all PEACE AGENTS to stand up, be counted and hold steady. We can and will be a force for good and usher in the new energies of peach upon the earth.  Are you ready to hold with us?

There are many teachings that prepare you to be a Peace Agent,  one of them is Reiki. Reiki is a powerful and gentle energy that deeply relaxes the physical form and calms the emotional / mental as well.  Reiki can help you to usher in your own state of peace and love and then send that out into the greater world.  I love Reiki for this because it is something that is readily available around the world as there are many practitioners.  If you would like to locate a Reiki Practitioner in your area you can go to this is through the International Center for Reiki Training.

Moving out of fear and not allowing the current news to control how you feel is the first step to becoming a Peace Agent.  It then requires you to take action, get training if needed and then start to actively move into the world and Hold steady.

Are YOU up for the challenge? Are you willing to move beyond the stress and fear of the day and into Peace, Love, Joy and ACTION to make this world a better place?

It starts with just one of us making a stand, will you stand with me?

If you are looking for training, assistance or a friend in arms, visit my website at

Lorayne Ham

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