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5D Crystal Knowledge Series – StarSeed Nature is Crystalline Nature

***As StarSeeds our very nature, as we move into 5D, is Crystalline. We are moving further and further into the full 5D experience and the more we embrace our crystalline nature, the more we embrace the fact that we are fractals of the Divine, the more we will experience the full 5D world!

Crystals as tools and Allies for the great awakening hold the codes and frequencies that can assist all StarSeeds and Light Workers to accelerate growth and expansion.

We are becoming more and more crystalline and as such expanding our knowledge of the crystalline world is not only beneficial it is imperative!
Jon me as we venture further into the knowledge of crystals….

The Meditations and information are here to assist you as you dive deeper into who you are as a StarSeed and as a fully realized 5D Crystalline being!
The 3rd meditation “Into the Crystal Cave 3” will follow this content as a separate video for you to use over and over again.

Love/Light Light/Love
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Lorayne Ham

Lorayne Ham

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