So much is happening these days that sometimes it feels like we are thrust into the future with little or no preparation.  As time speeds up and we are all feeling it’s effects it feels, at times, like all we can do is hold on! 

I am not sure if you are feeling any of this but I sure am.  Sometimes I just want to disconnect from it all and slow down!  Recently I decided I would do just that.  It is about time, the Universe has been giving me signals for months and it took a serious accident to get me to finally listen.  I guess it was not so much a decision as a requirement.  In any event, here I am slowed down and what is coming out of this experience has been  unexpected and magical.

I am learning how to “Be” and in that being am discovering myself. Really seeing all of the ways that I have been, in essence running full throttle away from my self and my knowing.  I am not even sure why.  I guess I have been so use to running so that I would not have to face myself.  Perhaps out of fear that what myself would tell me would be so devastating that I would not survive.  Guess what?  It was ALL in my mind.  The truth is, there is nothing remotely horrible, bad, disgusting or even evil about me.  I am, like you, a beautiful, radiant, loving, joy filled being of the Source. 

What I am discovering is that there was something outside of me that was making me believe I was flawed and therefore not worthy of being Love.  Basically I was duped!  Well NO MORE!  I am finally ready to recognize the truth of me and in that recognition begins the healing.

I hope that you too, can find your truth, the truth that you are now and always have been worthy of being Loved.

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Until next time,

Lorayne Ham