At this time of year I often find myself thinking of how many of us move through our lives in this seemingly endless conveyor belt of activities.  All very expected of course.  Must buy a gift for ……….fill in the blank.  Time to plan dinners and feasts and decorate.  All so busy and yet, over all too soon.  This year I am more conscious of who and what I want to see, spend time with and enjoy.  I want to have real connections with people I really like.  That is not to say that I spend time with people I do not like but often I find myself in the company of others not having the time to really get to know them on a deeper level, it is all so civilized and superficial.

I have finally learned to like people and am fascinated by them. After all of this time I see people for who they are, not the mask they wear and want us to see.  Most of them are just trying to get through without too many disappointments, aches, pains or hurts.

I invite you to discover the hidden not so noticeable treasure that we have available to us ever day, not just this time of year.  This treasure is right under our noses; it is the precious gift that is the human spirit.  We have the remarkable ability to choose the lives we live.  Most of us choose the route that makes us feel safe.  Some of us, those rare jewels, have the courage to dive into each day and choose to live lives filled with magic!

I for one am going to take the time and choose to discover the real Joy, which is the magic of YOU!

Joy to you!

The Longevity Goddess